Aysor, Armenia
Jan 15 2010

The "Heritage" party will direct all its resources against the
consequences of the decision taken by the Constitutional Court
concerning the Armenian - Turkish protocols, stated Stepan Safaryan
the head of the "Heratige" party. He announced that the party is ready
to help the ARF in fighting against the ratification of the Armenian -
Turkish protocols.

"We notice that even the political forces having extreme disposition
towards the protocols are changing their positions", - he said,
referring to ARF.

According to S. Safaryan in the political field as a result of those
processes will be formed three groups; "Heritage" party which is
obviously against the CC decision, opposition that are partially
satisfied with the decision of the CC and oppositions that are
completely satisfied with the decision.

At the same time the deputy said that he finds this struggle to have
no prospective especially when most of the parliament members speak
about their readiness to vote for the protocols.