Jan 22 2010

Armenia's Foreign Minister Edward Nalbandian said statements by
Turkey, that Armenia fastens down the process of ratification for
Armenia-Turkey protocols, are absurd.

"Turkey's statements that Armenian side has changed protocols, and
that Armenian Constitutional Court's decision takes in preconditions
and is contrary to the basic rules and objectives of the protocols,
are absurd and false," said Edward Nalbandian at the press conference.

"If Turkey wouldn't be ready to ratify protocols, and if it would
continue setting ultimatums, preconditions and setting back the
process, then I do not exclude the talks can fail. Although I don't
like to make prognosis, but everything is possible," said minister.

"I hope Turkey will not impose far-fetched causes. I don't think the
international community will understand Turkey's attempts to blame
Armenian side for failure.

"Armenia is loyal to rule of the protocols, and is ready to continue
the process. We hope, Turkey will remain loyal to protocols' rule,
obligations and will ratify the protocols without preconditions,"
said Edward Nalbandian.

Foreign Minister pointed out that the process of ratification for
protocols has been taking its natural way, while in Turkey neither
progress has been registered since October.