Jan 14 2011

On January 13 a sitting of the Council of the Armenian State University
of Economics (ASUE) was held. The Speaker of RA National Assembly,
the member of ASUE Hovik Abrahamyan participated in the sitting. RA
Minister of Education and Science Armen Ashotyan said that the first
agenda issue of the sitting was the election of the ASUE Council
President, and he addressed the members to introduce the candidates.

The member of the Council of the Armenian State University of
Economics, Pro-rector Vardan Sargsyan proposed candidacy for the
President of the Council RA National Assembly Speaker Hovik Abrahamyan.

Mr Abrahamyan thanked those present for the trust, noting that it
was very obliging to be president of the Council of one of the most
influential higher educational institutions and being proposed in
that post for the second time. Congratulating everybody on the New
Year and Christmas he expressed conviction that the year 2011 would
be a year of progress, restoration of tolerance and mutual trust,
building well-to-do Armenia. Hovik Abrahamyan noted that together
with professors' staff, members of the Council and students, he as
NA Speaker and Chairman of the RPA Political Committee would do his
best to more raise the rating of the higher educational institution
of having 80-year history and to reach all the corruption phenomena
to minimum and be it eliminated.

The Minister of Education and Science Armen Ashotyan said that by RA
legislation the election of the President of the Council of the higher
educational institution could be carried out either by open voting or
by secret ballot. By the proposal of the NA Speaker Hovik Abrahamyan
it was decided to carry out the election of the ASUE Council President
by secret ballot.

26 members of the ASUE Council, who took part in the secret ballot,
unanimously elected RA National Assembly Speaker Hovik Abrahamyan
President of the Council of the Armenian State University of Economics.

In his speech Hovik Abrahamyan thanked the members of the Council
of the Armenian State University of Economics for displayed trust
and joint work. Stressing with pride that he had been a graduate
of this higher educational institution Mr Abrahamyan noted with
satisfaction the circumstance that an opportunity was given for
second time to work in an atmosphere dear to him, and the relation
with it had begun still years ago, when he was studying in this
higher educational institution. In the NA Speaker's opinion, during
these years considerable work had been done together in this higher
educational institution in the aspect of educational, upbringing
and organizational aspects. The Council displayed itself as active
functioning body being in general concerned with the problems of
education. Hovik Abrahamyan is sure that from now on the Council will
continue its efficient activity. "I am sure that together we are able
to take steps, which will give opportunity to keep high the 80-year old
Armenian State University of Economics and strengthen its place in the
educational field. I am ready myself to do my best for the progress
of one of the best higher educational institutions of the country,"
the NA Speaker noted. According to him, the time and the events show
that the value of the knowledge and the demand of the high qualified
specialists more increase day by day in the world, which means that
the demands being presented to the education also increase.

Mr Abrahamyan is sure that in the Armenian State University of
Economics there is distinct perception of all this, fundamental
awareness of the time demands, and he has been informed from the
report of the implemented works, realistic and tangible steps are
taken to provide high result and qualified knowledge.

Later the sitting of the Council continued presided over by the
Speaker of the National Assembly Hovik Abrahamyan. The agenda issues
regarding the results of the educational-scientific, research and
financial-economic activities and the main indices of the 2011 draft
budget were discussed, which presented the ASUE Rector, academician
of RA National Academy of Sciences Yuri Suvaryan. It was noted that
intensive educational reforms are carried out in the higher educational
institution, educational new technologies are expanded, and interactive
auditoriums have been created in all faculties and some elements of
creating remote educational system are invested. The Rector ensured
that everything was done in the fighting against corruption in the
ASUE. In his word, the internationalization of the education is also
one of the strategic problems of the higher educational institution:
the ASUE cooperates with 11 higher educational institutions of
different countries. Mr Suvaryan noted that from 2011 twenty best
students of the ASUE would receive 20000 drams fellowship from the
NA Speaker's fund.

From: A. Papazian