Vanik Minasyan: Army-society link deepening year by year
28.01.2011 15:32

Karen Ghazaryan

The link between the army and the society is reinforcing year by year,
says Vanik Minasyan, chief of the department on organization of
military-educational arrangements of the Ministry of Defense. The year
2011 will stand out for implementation of a new phase of military
reforms, many of which are targeted at reinforcing the ties with the

`We would not be able to keep the army on the current level without
the active support of the society, without the devotion of all layers
of society,' he said.

To deepen the trust in the army, a new stage of implementation of
defense reforms has already started, according to the Defense
Minister's order.

'We prioritize the work with the society and non-governmental
organizations and concrete steps have already been taken in this
direction,' Vanik Minasyan said.

From: A. Papazian