Each conflict has its own peculiarities - FM

15:12 - 29.01.11

Comparing different conflicts with one another is not the right
approach, Armenian Foreign Minister Edward Nalbandyan has said.

"Each conflict has its own peculiarities and roots, as well as its
specific dynamics of development. Therefore, making comparisons or
drawing parallels between different conflicts cannot be considered
right," he told Russia Today in an interview, when asked about the
possibility of comparing the Karabakh conflict with the conflicts in
the Middle East region.

He said Armenia like Israel does not ignore its history.

"I don't think closing eyes to the past or disregarding the root
causes of different disputable issues would be helpful in finding
solutions. But of course, we must look to the future and try to find
ways of settling conflicts instead of creating new problems."

Speaking of Nagorno Karabakh, the Armenian FM said Karabakh people are
entitled to independently determine their future no less than any
other people in the world. He referred to the UN member states, saying
that their majority had gained independence through establishing their
right to self-determination.


From: A. Papazian