The Spoof (Satire)
Dec 28 2011

Pacifist priests have broom battle in Bethlehem!

Two rival groups of priests, one holier than the other, have fought
out a broom battle in the church where Jesus is believed to have been
born. A group of Greek orthodox priests grabbed every broom available
to knock the lights out of a group of Armenian clerics who claimed
they were closer to God and Jesus than their rivals.

It required a batallion of Islamic Palestinian police to seperate the
two rival groups and fortunately none of the clerics or priests were
seriously hurt apart from a few "brush wounds" to the head!

A Palestinian police spokesman gave the following statement: "Luckily
there were no Jews between them because that could have ended up in a
blood bath between them and us as for the two rival groups; what a
bunch of morons fighting over their false god, there is only one god
and that is 'The Almighty one' A++ah, so what's the problem?"

After peace had been resumed they all trotted off together to bang
their heads against the Wailing Wall of Jericho which caused many more
injuries than their broom battle! Jesus, what ever next?

From: A. Papazian