Catholic Culture
Dec 28 2011

Monks brawl at Bethlehem basilica
December 28, 2011

An ugly brawl broke out between Greek Orthodox and Armenian Apostolic
monks at the basilica of the Nativity in Bethlehem on December 28.

Police were called in to separate the angry monks. No major injuries
were reported.

Jurisdiction over the basilica--built on the site where Jesus was
born--is shared by Greek Orthodox, Armenian, and Roman Catholic
priests, in an uneasy arrangement, in which parties jealously guard
their own prerogatives. Today's clash began when one group of monks
charged that another had infringed on its jurisdiction within the

The scuffle broke out--as such confrontations usually do--when the
monks were cleaning the building, and working in areas beyond the
patterns of their regular liturgical use.

From: Baghdasarian