APA, Azerbaijan
Dec 30 2011

Azerbaijani Parliament addresses French Senate in protest against
decision on made-up `Armenian genocide'

[ 30 Dec 2011 13:48 ]

Baku. Parvin Abbasov - APA. Milli Majlis, the parliament of
Azerbaijan, addressed the French Senate in protest against the
decision on made-up `Armenian genocide'. The text of letter was read
by MP Sahiba Gafarova.

The letter reads that Azerbaijani parliament is very concerned about
the decision of the French parliament. `We call you to carefully
approach the remote historic events, Undoubtedly if this draft law is
adopted it will damage the basic principles of the democratic system -
human rights and freedoms. On February 26, 1992, Armenian armed forces
killed hundreds of peaceful Azerbaijanis in Khojaly with cruelty. If
all of these are taken into consideration, the attempts to asses the
historic events unilaterally can lead to disrespect to the historic

It was emphasized in the letter that the adoption of such law will
cast doubt on objectivity of the French co-chairmanship in the OSCE
Minsk Group. `Milli Majlis of Azerbaijan calls the colleagues at the
French Senate to be attentive and sensitive during the discussions of
this issue and not to adopt the law'.

The letter was approved by the parliament.