APA, Azerbaijan
Dec 30 2011

Russian presidential candidate says he supports idea of recognition of
`Nagorno Karabakh Republic'

[ 30 Dec 2011 17:34 ]
Baku. Azer Mustafayev - APA. `Russia, Europe and the US partially
recognize the rights of Armenians to their homeland and Turkey should
defer to it', said leader of Russian Liberal Democratic Party (RLDP),
MP and presidential candidate Vladimir Zhirinovsky in his meeting with
president of the Moscow regional bureau of the Russian-Armenian Union
Yuriy Navoyan, APA reports quoting the Armenian new agencies.

RLDP leader said he supported Navoyan's idea that `Nagorno Karabakh
should be recognized as an independent country'. `The current
conjuncture prevents the international recognition of Nagorno
Karabakh. Armenians conduct fair campaign for their rights. I defend
the truth, and the truth is on the side of Armenians. I welcomed the
French parliament's draft law. The history can not deny the fact of
the achievement of restoration of the people's rights by a long and
successive struggle'.

From: Baghdasarian