Dec 30 2011

French and Israeli parliamentarians unfair toward Turkey


The parliaments of France and Israel take an unfair position toward
Turkey and Turkish people.
The statement came from chairman of the public association of the
Azerbaijani community of Nagorno Karabakh Region of the Azerbaijan
Republic Bayram Safarov.

"We and the world know well about it. How can they remember the
century-old things and forget the events of 20 years ago? They forget
the genocide in Khojaly and Gadadaghly. They turn a blind eye on the
killing of Azerbaijani children by Armenian snipers", he said.

Safarov voiced confidence that no lie will ever stick to the people of Turkey.

"Our organization has sent appeals to the international organizations
over the support of US to the separatist regime of Nagorno Karabakh
and the nonconstructive decision taken by the French Senate. These
things are just inadmissible", he said.

Aynur Mehtiyeva