State Telegraph Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan
December 27, 2011 Tuesday

Oleg Krapivin: France, isn`t it a lot of scandals for one year?!

Kiev December 27, 2011

As is known, in the Turkic world, in all civilized and democratic
community a protest wave was caused by the decision of a group of the
French members of parliament to approve the bill providing punishment
for negation of the so-called Armenian genocide. Correspondent of
AzerTAc in Kiev Oleg Krapivin, president of the international public
organization "Institute of Azerbaijanism", the founder of the
Ukrainian-Azerbaijani educational, scientific-cultural, sports center
after Heydar Aliyev, the known sportsman, the trainer and patron of
art, to express his opinion in this regard. He, in particular, said:

As a person born in Azerbaijan, living in Baku the most part of my
life, perfectly knowing the true history of Turkic world, I am well
aware of the pain and sufferings of my people as a result of
occupational and aggressive policy of the Republic of Armenia towards
Azerbaijan. I was deeply surprised by the decision of the lower
chamber of National Assembly of France.

However, if to analyze some political tendencies which are taking
place in this country as repressions rendered recently by the French
power, law enforcement bodies upon the people for carrying of Muslim
clothes, the mentioned decision of the members of parliament looks one
more link in the chain of the measures directed on ousting from France
of the immigrants, first of all, from the countries of the Turkic

We have not forgotten the events when in streets of Paris, other
cities of the country there took place meetings against xenophobia,
tens of were burnt, store windows of boutiques and supermarkets were

We remember and the sexual scandal connected with one of the real
candidates to presidency of France, the former head of the
International Monetary Fun Dominic Gaston Andre Strauss-Khan, which
caused an indignation storm in world public opinion.

The decision accepted by the French members of parliament on
insistence of the Armenian lobby is antidemocratic and, at least,
incorrect... France, isnt it a lot of scandals for one year?