Times.am, Armenia
Dec 28 2011

Valerie Boyer explained the motivations of her step

Valérie Boyer, French deputy, who worked out bill on criminalization
of Armenian Genocide denial and which was approved by French NA on
December 22, presented the motivation of her action in her Facebook
`Here I have some things to explain my work and my motivations!

French people of Armenian origin living in France have the right, to
protect the memory of their ancestors slaughtered in 1915.

This law is intended to punish those who argue the fact of genocide in
French territory.

In this case, the Turkish authorities do not respect the sovereignty
of the France and tries to be involved in French domestic affairs.

The Armenian genocide is recognized in Russia, the Canada, in
Argentina, in Italy, Sweden and even in the Germany! His denial is
penalized in Switzerland and Slovakia and will be soon in many other
States. Yet, none of these States is being threatened in its
diplomatic relations or business by Turkey!

Then, there is always more important to legislate that other topics,
but if the approach of the elections in France to a left-right
Republican consensus on this issue. Why not take advantage?

Is the France not the country of human rights?'

Remind that French National Assembly voted for the approval of the
bill on criminalization of Armenian Genocide denial on December 22.

So, according to the new law everyone who denies Armenian Genocide in
France will be sentenced with a year and will be fined with 45.000

After this approval Turkish Ambassador left Paris and Turkish Prime
Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced Turkey would cancel all types
of relations with Turkey. French President asked Turkish side to
respect their decision.