Jan 2 2012

Manvel Gamburyan vs. Diego Nunes - Preview: UFC 141

By: James Vincent Cooper

Featherweight bout at UFC 141 is set between Armenian mixed martial
art (MMA) fighter, Manvel Gamburyan and Brazilian MMA fighter, Diego
Nunes, on December 30, 2011 in Las Vegas, Nevada. After unsuccessful
most recent fights, both the contestants are hungry for a victory at
UFC 141, especially Gamburyan, who is on a two-fight losing streak.

He lost to Brazilian MMA fighter, Jose Aldo, at World Extreme
Cagefighting (WEC) 51 in September 2010, followed by a defeat at the
hands of American MMA fighter, Tyson Griffin, at UFC Live in June
2011. After he made his UFC debut in June 2007 he competed in six
fights and lost four of them, putting him in a position where he must
win at UFC 141 to stay with the UFC.

His opponent, Nunes, will also enter the event with a loss suffered
against American MMA fighter, Kenny Florian, at UFC 131 in June 2011.
In his entire MMA career, which began from May 2004, he has won
sixteen fights and lost only 2, making him the more experienced and
confident fighter than Gamburyan. The Armenian MMA fighter, on the
other hand, began his career in 1999 but he only won eleven fights,
suffering defeats on six occurrences.

Looking at their comparative statistics, Nunes seems to be a better
fighter than Gamburyan. Nunes has a thirty-eight percent success rate
with his strikes while Gamburyan has a twenty-seven percent wining
ratio. Gamburyan will have to maintain some distance from Nunes or
otherwise the Brazilian fighter might deliver his onslaught of
striking shots and punches to take an early advantage. After striking,
the most important factor for a fighter is the submission technique
they use. In this fighting genre, Nunes has a thirty-four percent win
ratio while Gamburyan is close behind with twenty-eight percent
success in past matches.

When talking about submission, both fighters will have some problem
taking down each other to implement their submission move as they are
of the same height and weight. The difference will come when they will
use their power and strength in putting down their opponent on the
ground. Nothing can be said for sure because both fighters have the
same tenacity with which they carry out their fights. The difference
will come in the manner they step into the fighting cage and how they
blend with the environment and use their moves.

From: A. Papazian