Tert.am, Armenia
Jan 2 2012

Armenian Genocide to dominate Turkey's foreign policy agenda in 2012 -
Turkish analyst
10:45 - 02.01.12

The Armenian Genocide and the Cyprus issue will dominate Turkey's
foreign policy agenda in 2012, according to Mehmet Ali Birand, a
Turkish publicist.

In his forecasts on the upcoming political processes in Turkey, Birand
said the French Senate will follow the National Assembly's example by
passing the bill that criminalizes the denial of the Armenian

According to him, the issue will receive other world countries' support by 2015.

REGNUM News Agency has quoted the expert as saying that neither the
Turks nor the Cypriot Armenians are ready to take bold steps to
resolve the problem (Turkey won't recognize the Southern Cyprus. After
clashes between the Cypriot Greeks and Turks in1974, the country
occupied one thirds of the island and created a powerful
Turkish-Cypriot government in its northern part, recognizing it as an
independent republic).

Birand noted that Turkey will have to change its position in the
region, acting as a friend that shares its own experience rather than
an exemplary country or a leader.