, Armenia
Jan 3 2012

Movement in Armenia-Turkey reconciliation not expected - expert

January 03, 2012 | 17:12

YEREVAN. - One should not expect resumption of Armenia-Turkey
reconciliation process in 2012, the year of parliamentary elections,
said Armenian political analyst Stepan Grigoryan adding that
presidential elections in 2013 will not further the process as well.

According to him, in this period no tangible progress will be
registered even if Ankara proposes the initiative.

The expert considers Turkey is much more concerned over the Arab
revolutions and in particular situation in Syria rather than
Armenian-Turkish relations. There is also Kurdish issue, relations
with Israel and Iran - these problems are more important for Turkey.

`Turkey is taking certain steps concerning the Armenians living in
Turkey. Ankara has tackled some problems with churches, the Armenian
community. However, Armenia expects something else, namely
ratification of the protocols,' Grigoryan told Armenian

He stressed that despite the assurances of Ankara that the protocols
are not frozen, the process is delayed, and in these circumstances,
the future of Armenian-Turkish protocols is uncertain.

`Under such circumstances, Armenia's position should remain the same -
Yerevan must remain a supporter of protocols' ratification without
preconditions,' he concluded.