, Armenia
Jan 3 2012

Current government does not have political will: Armenian opposition member

January 03, 2012 | 18:31

YEREVAN.- Taking into account the history of elections in Armenia and
the attitude of the current government it would be naive to expect
fair elections, said member of opposition party.

The government has not even conducted simple electoral changes which
might give some hope to the people that fair elections would be held,
member of People's Party of Armenia Grigor Harutyunyan told the
Armenian report.

`The Soviet Union's election code of 1990 is considered to be the
worst electoral code. Everyone - both the opposition and their
opponents consider that the elections held under that undemocratic
code were the most fair and transparent ones. The main thing is
political will which the current government lacks,' Harutyunyan said.

Presently the Armenian National Congress (PPA is a part of it) is
ready for snap elections as it wants to change something in the

From: Baghdasarian