Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA)
January 2, 2012 Monday

Turkish Figures Hold Their Government Responsible for Tense Atmosphere
in Region, Particularly Due to Stances Regarding Syria

- Official spokesman of the Turkish Felicity Party (Saadet Partisi)
Mustafa Yilmaz said that Syria and Turkey are neighboring countries
brought together by deep-rooted fraternity, but recently there were
attempts to destroy the historic relations between which upset the
Turkish people.

In an interview with the Syrian TV's correspondent in Ankara, Yilmaz
said that the recent stance of the Justice and Development Party
caused concern among the Turkish people and politicians, stressing
that the biggest winners if a confrontation occurred between Syria and
Turkey are Israel and the United States.

He pointed out that the Turkish people believe that Turkish media
isn't portraying the reality of what is happening in Syria, and that
media sources are increasing the disputes among the two countries
through the material they broadcast in an attempt to damage bilateral
relations, which is why most Turks are suspicious of them.

In turn, head of the Turkish Authors Association Gokhan Cengizhan said
that the Justice and Development Party has always been two-faced,
particularly in terms of foreign policy, noting that after it
announced a policy of resolving issues with neighboring countries, it
flipped this policy upside down, causing Turkey to have problems with
Iran, Iraq and Syria, adding up to the existing problems with Greece
and Armenia.

Cengizhan said that this returns Turkey to a state of cold war which
upsets all the Turkish people, stressing that a government such as the
Turkish government which is facing an internal and social war that it
can't resolve cannot possibly have a say in others' problems.