APA, Azerbaijan
Jan 4 2012

Draft law considering criminalization of denial of made-up `Armenian
genocide' to e presented to French Senate this month

[ 04 Jan 2012 19:54 ]
Strasbourg. Fuad Gulubeyli - APA. The draft law considering the
criminalization of denial of genocides recognized by the French
legislation including the draft law on made-up `Armenian genocide'
adopted on December 22 in French National Assembly will be presented
to the French Senate till the end of January.

France's `France info' radio reports that the French government passed
decision on this draft law's quickest approval and Mrs. Valérie Boyer
and members of ruling party in the French Parliament were involved in
the acceleration of this work. The delivery of the draft law adopted
by the National Assembly to the supreme chamber of the parliament is
considered as a step taken towards the complete adoption of the

France officially recognized made-up `Armenian genocide' on January
29, 2001. The draft law considering the criminalization of denial of
the made-up genocide was once adopted in the National Assembly on
October 12, 2006. But on May 4 2011, French Senate considered this
draft law groundless and didn't approve it. But on December 12, the
French National Assembly adopted this draft law. The government
supports the adoption of this law.