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Jan 4 2012

Various international agencies changed their perceptions of Armenia - MP

January 04, 2012 | 17:26

YEREVAN. - Perception of Armenia has significantly changed in various
international agencies. It is also proved by the recent PACE
resolution, Prosperous Armenia Party MP, Armenian delegation member at
PACE Naira Zohrabyan told the Armenian correspondent.

`I would like to note that it has been the only positive document
since March 1, 2008 case [ten people were killed during the
demonstrations in Yerevan downtown]. It is very important especially
if compared with other regional states. As a co-chair of the
commission on inter-parliamentary cooperation between Armenia and EU,
I would like to say that the latest session, on November 2-3 in
Armenia, adopted a joint declaration. It was obvious that EU is
positively assessing the reforms run in Armenia at the same time
pointing out the points the Union is concerned about,' she said.

According to the MP, negotiation process on Karabakh peace settlement
is going on despite numerous obstacles created by Azerbaijan.

Regarding normalization of the Armenian-Turkish relations, the MP said
that the process has reached a deadlock. However, it is important that
Turkey proved that it does not differ from the Young Turks [they
perpetrated the Armenian Genocide in 1915], while Armenia confirmed
its reputation of being a reliable partner.

From: Baghdasarian