President Serzh Sargsyan's New Year message
00:01 01.01.2013

Dear Compatriots, Year 2012 came to its end. First and foremost, it
was a year of hard work, a year for creation and life. In 2012, almost
thirty-three thousand young people in our countries started families,
filling our Motherland with the blessings of the wedding and love. Let
year 2013 bring happiness and security to the Armenian hearths. In the
passing year, the Armenian land heard over forty thousand newborns
crying. Forty thousand babies with their eyes full of surprise and
smiles looked upon for the first time at the Armenian sun and warmed
that sun with their laughter. More than forty thousand new citizens of
Armenia; it is our generation, our common happiness.

Let 2013 bring clear skies to all our children. Let homes of the
Armenians fill with the raptures of babies' cries, and let mothers
have peaceful glee. In 2012, thirty-six thousand kids of our large
family for the first time entered the temple of knowledge. They sat at
the school desk and opened the textbook. Let 2013 bring all necessary
knowledge for asking questions and searching for answers. The future
of our country, our own future primarily depends on the education of
the children, the citizens of tomorrow, on their will and ability to

In 2012, drafted were ten thousands of our sons. Army called them to
forge them as men, defenders of the land and pillars of the families.
In 2012, strength of our sons' hands and their discipline, potent
minds and vigilance kept our borders intact and our Motherland safe.
Let years 2013 and 2014 bring them safe duty, keep them out of harms
way. Let our boys come back home safe and sound, let they bring peace
to our land. In 2012, thousands of the Armenian citizens found jobs or
started businesses. Thanks to its children's efforts, our country made
another step forward: The farmer's toil and artist's outburst,
scientist's inquisitive mind and the guts of the businessman. Let 2013
bring new jobs, new fervor and new hope to all. Let success crown our
efforts. Let the New Year breath in fresh air into our large family,
which is ready to work hard for its children, which knows the ways to
respect and glorify, which knows the ways to give and take, which
knows the ways to defend borders and the Motherland, which knows the
way to love.

Dear Fellow Citizens,The passing year has been a trying one
particularly for our brothers and sisters in Syria. I wish resilience
and courage to those who found refuge in the Motherland and to those
who remain in Syria. God willing, the bloodshed will stop soon and
peace will come to that friendly country and for the people of Syria,
including our compatriots, the life will be back to normal again.

Dear Friends, We are entering the New Year with new hopes and great
expectations of progress. We are confident that Armenia's political
and economic course is right and serves the interest of our nation.
Certainly, there are things to amend, and we will do it together. Let
year 2013 come, let it walk in hundred thousands of our doors,
confident and jolly, let it bring laughter and happiness, security and
peace, vigor and warmth to hearts, also work and fair diligence, and
boundless love to our great family, to everyone.
Happy New Year and Holly Christmas!'