94 doctor-specialists below 35 to be called to military service

Fri, 12/28/2012 - 23:33

The Government decision from December 13 `About calling to the
military service the medical group officers of the RA AF reserve' will
come in force since December 31. The RA Government decided to instruct
the Ministry of Defence to call 94 doctor-expert officers below 35 to
the RA AF reserve.

It is provided by the decision that officers of different categories
of first group of medical staff of the RA AF have the right for
postponement in accordance with the enforcement of the Article 11,
Point 4, Article 14, Point 1, sub-point `A' and Article 16, Point 2 of
the RA Government decision `About military duty' from January 13,

The officers of the first group of medical staff of the military
reserve with doctorate degree or any other scientific degree
(candidate of science, doctor of science) are called to military
service in accordance with their specializations. The officers of
military reserve who have degree in science are appointed at
corresponding positions of the hospitals' system of the RA AF.

The RA MD is held responsible for decision enforcement.


From: A. Papazian