Turkey furthering US-Israeli agenda in Mideast: Gordon Duff

Fri Dec 28, 2012 7:12PM GMT

By Gordon Duff

Now, Israel uses America. We are seeing it in Syria, we saw it in Iraq
and Afghanistan, we are seeing it in Turkey and, we are now told, we
will see the war `re-expand' to Iraq, then to Armenia and points
beyond. A plan is afoot, Israel, America and Turkey.

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America's policy has been clear, keep Israel flanked with phony
`Islamist' states, shackled by corrupt governments, fully penetrated
by a military that is fully integrated with Israel and making all the
right noises meant to maintain sectarian divides across the Islamic

The wars Israel never fought

Who could blame them. Recent revelations, documents `leaked' which put
history in real perspective now show that, not only was the 1973 war
fought by American planes, and American pilots, carefully repainted to
seem `Israeli' but the majority of sorties flown during the 1967 war
were also American pilots flying American planes.

When America calls Israel its `aircraft carrier in the Middle East,'
it isn't kidding. The only thing that has changed is that America used
to actually use Israel to attack others.

A plane is afoot

Now, Israel uses America. We are seeing it in Syria, we saw it in Iraq
and Afghanistan, we are seeing it in Turkey and, we are now told, we
will see the war `re-expand' to Iraq, then to Armenia and points
A plan is afoot, Israel, America and Turkey.

America is involved in a multi-faceted plan to maintain regional
hegemony across the Caspian Basin. To do so, it is necessary for it to
destabilize the current government in Iraq, bring about the collapse
of Syria, destabilize and collapse Armenia and build Azerbaijan as the
Israeli/American outpost against Iran and to help support drug
trafficking from a continued occupation of Afghanistan.

Azerbaijan has long been chosen to be the new strategic `American
aircraft carrier' in Central Asia, not just another layover stop for
drug pilots as it has been for the past ten years.

The UN, designed to fail

Key to the process is the avoidance of any durable settlement of any
kind in the Middle East. This means that Washington has `green
lighted' Israel's settlements in the West Bank, despite UN, EU and
even ICC condemnations as being inexorable.

The permanent `toothless' United Nations, crippled by a Security
Council, which was, at one time, actually subject to veto by the
island of Formosa (Republic of China), is not just a sign of
anachronism but one of permanent colonial overlordship.

US policy is not just dependent on settlements but continued
bombardment of the civilian population of Gaza and by permanent
political upheaval in Egypt as well.

Sandy Hook

Keeping the people of the world focused on horror, the bodies of dead
children, is a key component to the kind of psychological warfare that
makes a permanent state of conflict an unquestioned reality.

Both the Norway and Sandy Hook murders may well be a part of this
plan. Thus far, accusations made that `hit teams' were involved in
Sandy Hook have been fully substantiated and wild conspiracies by
Mossad press assets have failed miserably.

The American people know they have been under a terror attack and have
proven immune to idiotic conspiracy theories out of Tel Aviv.

Turkey on the move

With Turkey revealed now in its Ottoman glory, the robotic stooge of
Zionist Israel, basking in the delusional belief that the machinations
of the Washington/Tel Aviv axis will restore their greatness, allowing
them to occupy Syria, attack Armenia and dismember Iraq, Erdogan will
be able to play Sultan.

Turkey, as a regional power in the Middle East, sitting astride the
oil and gas pipelines, descending on the Kirkuk oil fields and, with
its Israeli masters, assisted by US Ambassador to Baku, Matt Bryza of
Istanbul based Turco Petroleum, will overshadow the economically
broken states of the European Union that have so often rejected
membership of their `filthy little Islamic cousins.'

Turkey and Egypt with their fleets of `half modernized' F 16 fighters,
carefully engineered to be significantly inferior to those flown by
Israel, prove themselves easily bought with counterfeit currency.

Moreover, Turkey's empire, including the offshore Syrian oil and gas
fields carefully hidden from world attention through altered
geological reports, are more prizes to be won.

The Gaza terror distraction

Again, none of this is possible if there is any hope of meaningful
dialog or settlement, if there is any move forward toward recognition
of Iran's rights to nuclear power.

Thus, we will not only continue to see bombing of Gaza and attacks on
Palestinians and even Christians, not just in Israel but across Syria
as well, but we may expect attack against Lebanon while the US has to
`unrepair' the improved relationship between the IAEA (International
Atomic Energy Commission) and Iran.

The Sultan returns

As Turkey prepares to exercise its role as `protector of Syria' under
the watchful eye of Israeli/American regional hegemony, plans are
afoot to move against Iraq, under the guise of `defense against PKK
rebels attacking Turkey.'

During the US occupation of Iraq, I remember sitting in Erbil, more
than once hearing Turkish artillery as their incursions into Iraq and
their violation of Iraq sovereignty was `rubber stamped' in both
Washington and Baghdad.

This was when Turkey could still pretend to be a victim. This was
`poor Turkey,' the defending of the Palestinian people, promising
military convoys to protect peace activists, Erdogan's promise of
action against Israel in reprisal for the murder of Turkish citizens
on the Mavi Marmara while, behind the scenes, ordering more military
supplies from Israel.

Now it is the scheming of Erdogan, now made transparent, an Erdogan
quite probably an ally of Tel Aviv and Washington, a flawed individual
hoping to put his mark on the map of the world, unaware how
humiliating his foolishness seems to others.

I remember Erdogan, his Air Force training with Israeli pilots. How
far would Turkey go?

Syria besieged

As we look at Syria today, the Russian Iskandar missiles offsetting
the American Patriot III batteries, the Russian S 300 Air Defense
system offsetting the new US jets waiting to attack Syria.

Three of them have been shot down already, `accidents' we are told.

Now we find rumors of a renewed US presence in Northern Iraq. Forward
units have arrived the last few days. Are more to follow, are these
humanitarian missions or are they supporting rebel forces?

Similarly, we are seeing more movements, intelligence teams scouting,
not just Iran, drones, special operations troops, not just Iran but
Armenia as well, and not just from Turkey but Azerbaijan.

Then I remember, the US Ambassador to Azerbaijan, Matt Bryza, is a
Turkish oil executive.

The "great game"

Perhaps this is a new type of diplomat, not really representing the US
at all but in place waiting, waiting for some change in the
geopolitical balance, a readjustment of power, a permanent
colonialization of Central Asia, drugs, gas and oil, permanent war,
permanent sectarian strife and a Middle East permanently aflame.

To keep the flames stoked and the hatreds alive, the Palestinian
people must be ground into the dirt in the most heinous and brutal way
possible, at the hands of the most despicable and snarling whelps the
earth has yet to endure.

All of it is being done for money; it does not take a genius to see it.

How can it be described?

Is it like, perhaps, a bank robbery, the same robbers day after day,
the same hostages killed and the police never come?

Erdogan learned from this and wants his share.

Thus far, he may well get it unless someone starts playing the game a
bit better.