Heritage leader wishes Armenians freedom and justice

16:12 - 02.01.13

President of the opposition Heritage party Raffi Hovhannisyan says he
wishes the Armenian nation freedom and justice in 2013.

Speaking to Tert.am, the politician explained that he wants the
population to realize that the reforms in the country are in their
party's hands.

`This is such a commonplace question; yet I find it difficult to give
an answer. My wish is what an ordinary Armenian needs: freedom,
justice, employment, healthy children, a normal situation, a normal
[festive] table and house in a normal homeland,' he told our

`That's first of all in our hands,' said Hovhannisyan. `We can make it
come if we really want to. If that's just a wish, it won't change
life. What we need is a new life and a new country. '

Hovhannisyan added that he does not expect much from the Santa Claus.
`I expect a free and respectable citizen from the Santa Claus and a
nice year to everybody,' he noted.

The Heritage leader said his family saw the New Year in at home,
adding that they are going spend the upcoming Christmas holidays
outside, greeting others and being greeted. `We'll go to the church
during the Christmas, and will not stay at home, also respecting the
tradition,' he said, noting that greeting people is quite natural to
him, though others might think strangely of that.

As for choosing presents, Hovhannisyan admitted that he is not quite
good at it. `I don't have a good nose for presents; [I can think of] a
flower or chocolate, but my creative art is in a different sphere -
impromptu surprises,' he added.