Armenian-Turkish border could be opened without protocols - Heritage

January 04, 2013 | 19:51

Secretary of the board of Armenian `Heritage' party Stepan Safarian,
in a conversation with the reporter of Armenian, said
that when the basis of bilateral relations between two states has
originally been presented incorrectly, as in case of the process of
normalization of Armenian-Turkish relations, it is better not to

`I am pleased that, based on the behavior of the Turkish authorities,
the process of normalization of Armenian-Turkish relations was
suspended. Otherwise, it is hard to imagine in what a stalemate
situation would the Armenian authorities find themselves,' Safarian

In his opinion, in fact, Armenia was not ready for the establishment
of Armenian-Turkish official relations.

`It would be better for the Armenian-Turkish relations to evolve on
the level of civil society,' he added.

Safarian also said that `Heritage' Party considers it necessary to
withdraw Armenian signature from the Armenian-Turkish protocols, as if
the task was to open the border, it could have been done without these