We should not forget about our eastern neighbors - Ambassador of
Poland to Armenia

January 04, 2013 | 16:27

The Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Poland to Armenia
Zdzislaw Raczynski in an interview to Armenian News-NEWS.am said that
it will be optimal if the members of the Eastern Partnership aim for
full integration into the EU sometime in the future.

`Our idea is permanent - not to forget about our eastern neighbors. In
contrast to our southern neighbors, who are neighbors of Europe,
Eastern countries are European neighbors of EU. There is a small but
significant difference. This is a different quality, a different
perspective, as well as other opportunities,' the Ambassador noted.

Nobody knows how much the initiative will bring.

`If in the early 1990's someone would have tried to convince us that
Poland will be a member of EU an ambulance would be called for him.
But the dream has come true. Politics is the ability to dream
marvelously, to think far ahead. Is this program perfect? Perfect
solutions do not exist. But this is the most of what Europe today can
offer. Sometimes they talk about the financial component. But it is
not only a transfer of money - it is a transfer of ideas and
solutions. If we convert to per capita the amount, which Armenia
currently receives from the EU, it is about the same as Poland
received prior to the entry into the EU. The money was spent on making
changes. We must have the will, determination, and vision to seek what
we want,' Zdzislaw Raczynski said.