Presidential elections exclusive opportunity to restore people's trust, MP
14:36 - 05.01.13

No matter how much distrust we feel toward the upcoming presidential
election we should register that the authorities have exclusive
opportunity to form an effective atmosphere of success without serious
issues, MP from the Armenian Revolutionary Federation Dashnaktsutyun
Artsvik Minasyan told

He said one of the step to the success will be the restoration of
trust among people and only then the attempt to get out of the
existing situation.

`I believe that the step should be equivalent to the created
situation. It is necessary to conduct free, fair and transparent
elections to exclude the participation of criminal and money,' he

The MP said it is obvious that the authorities will invite all the
political forces and conduct joint discussions over the
social-economic issues the country is facing and ways to overcome the
existing challenges.

Minasyan said the non-competitive candidates is a signal to the
authorities that there is a serious issue in the political system
which endangers the statehood as well.

The MP urges not to forget that not only presidential elections are
expected in 2013 but also elections of Council of Elders which cannot
be compared with the presidential ones with their impact but again are
important elections for the formation of authorities of the capital.

Minasyan also said there is no need to tie the elections with the
improvement of the economic situation `as it is obvious that the
upcoming elections will not be active and tensed, but on the other
hand it is an opportunity for the authorities to try to apply a system
of fair elections.' Though, the MP said he does not think with this
step the authorities will become legitimate.

`In general the issue of legitimacy is quite deep and is not agreed
with the results of the elections only. If majority of the society
imagines the social-economic programs of reforms of the political
system and it sees the future, in this case we may speak of high level
of legitimacy, the rest are just observations under the influence of
the moment,' he said.
The MP wished the people restoration of faith.

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