17:29 ~U 15.01.13

History shows the Armenian people's bitter experience in making choice,
says Ruben Safrastyan, Director of the Institute of Oriental Studies,
Armenian National Academy of Sciences (ANAS).

As regards Armenia's joining the European Union (EU) or the Eurasian
Union, the country should not yield to the "temptation of choosing."

"We must build up our policy on the basis of our identity. Our identity
is that we are a people of the Middle East and we should not restrict
ourselves to the policy of the South Caucasus," Mr Safrastyan said.

Armenia should also try to be active in the Near East. "We should be
able to be active because we have the Treaty of Sèvres as a basis. I
am far from the idea that we will be presented with the Armenia of
Woodrow Wilson's arbitral decision," Mr Safrastyan said.

If Armenia is able to enhance its international role it will make an
easier choice between the EU and Eurasian Union, and that choice will
meet Armenia's national interests.

"It is obvious that being Russia's political and military ally is
in our national interests. In this case alone can our security be
ensured," Mr Safrastyan said.

From: Baghdasarian