Story from Lragir.am News:
17:04 29/01/2013

The Civilitas Foundation founded by the ex-foreign minister Vartan
Oskanian will celebrate its fifth anniversary on January 30. Civilitas
was a breath of fresh air in the public life of Armenia. It brought
new style and content to public activities, trying to involve also
politicians. The Civilitas uses interesting forms of public and
political discussions, presents annual reports on the situation
in Armenia.

The foundation launched Civilnet TV with an innovative and fresh
approach to news making, which was a success. Civilnet has already a
young, courageous and confident generation of journalists who carry
considerable potential and can fill in the gaps of professionalism
in the field of reporting.

Hence, the fifth anniversary of the Civilitas is an important event
in the recent political life of Armenia.

Unfortunately, the founder of the Civilitas Vartan Oskanian was
unable to transfer the new culture into the political life. Vartan
Oskanian made an attempt but chose the wrong way. Vartan Oskanian
joined the Prosperous Armenia Party as he stepped into the political
life of Armenia with an intention to bring new style, culture and
thinking there.

As Robert Kocharyan would put it, Civilitas and Prosperous Armenia are
genetically incompatible. The PAP has nothing to do with the culture,
thinking, outlook and values of everything that Civilitas promotes,
in terms of neither style nor content.

Choosing the way leading to active politics Vartan Oskanian did not
bring new values and thinking to politics but became a component of
the crystallized deal-based politics that prevails in Armenia.

Vartan Oskanian used to be part of that system indeed but since
leaving his office he had an opportunity to return there with a new
status and quality, subsequently new results. Vartan Oskanian did not
use this opportunity. In fact, he missed this opportunity for nobody
knows who and why.

Five years is a haven to stop and think about the past way. Moreover,
five years is a full presidential term in Armenia. Vartan Oskanian
would not mind being the next president of Armenia. However, there
happened what happened, and the ex-foreign minister has already
different issues to tackle on the "laurels" of the past five years.

Over the past five years and especially in the past year he has
encountered a lot to think on. The main issue is how to bring back
harmony between politics and the contents, values and style of his
foundation without harming the foundation.

Happy 5th anniversary, Civilitas!