Journal of Turkish Weekly
Jan 7 2014

7 January 2014

Gendarmerie forces have detained one of two suspects whose arrests
were demanded by an Istanbul court in the case into the murder of
Turkish-Armenian journalist Hrant Dink, CNNTurk has reported.

Zeynel Abidin Yavuz, who was said to be the first person chosen as
part of the conspiracy to murder Dink, was detained by gendarmerie
forces in the Black Sea province of Trabzon's Pelitli neighborhood
on Jan. 7 and sent to the courthouse.

The Istanbul 14th Court of Serious Crimes has also ordered the arrest
of Osman Hayal, the brother of Yasin Hayal, who was charged with
being the instigator of the assassination.

Dink, the renowned editor-in-chief of Agos, was shot dead by Ogun
Samast in front of his office in Istanbul on Jan. 19, 2007. Samast
was subsequently sentenced to over 22 years in jail for the murder.

The trial into his murder resumed on Sept. 17, 2013, with 18 suspects
being retried after the Supreme Court of Appeals ruled that all
suspects in the case had acted as part of a criminal organization,
instead of individually.

A group of activists called the "Friends of Dink" gathered in front
of the courthouse and chanted slogans ahead of the hearing.

Popular novelist Ahmet Umit, speaking on behalf of the group,
said their demand to try the public servants who allegedly bear
responsibility for Dink's murder had yet to be heeded.

"Instead, these same public officials have been promoted," Umit said.

7 January 2014