UK Ambassador: This is my first year celebrating New Year in Armenia

12:40, 01.01.2015

YEREVAN. - This is my first year celebrating New Year in Armenia, UK
Ambassador to Armenia Katherine Leach told Armenian

"I am looking forward to joining in the great Armenian tradition of
visiting everyone I know at the beginning of January and enjoying some
great food and great company," she said .

The main difference between Armenia and Great Britain is that for the
British, Christmas on 25 December is the most important day.

"This is when we visit family, exchange presents, and cook a big
Christmas dinner including roast turkey, crunchy potatoes and
cranberry sauce. I love Christmas: the Christmas tree, the
decorations, the presents, the Christmas carols at the church service,
and being with family and friends. The look on the face of my children
as they discover their stockings from Father Christmas is absolutely

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