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Jan 2 2014

Restaurant Review: TBBQ - Terrace Barbecue

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Jan 2, 2015, 12.00AM IST

Restaurant Review: TBBQ - Terrace Barbecue

TBBQ - Terrace Barbecue is a specialty restaurant of the Country Inn &
Suites By Carlson, Ahmedabad.

TBBQ is located on an open terrace with bamboo walls that give some
privacy from the neighbourhood. The terrace restaurant has open
kitchens where you can watch processes of making various kinds of
kebabs on charcoal grills or griddle pans (tawas). The cushioned
chairs are set around tables that have iron grills embedded in them
for those who want to heat their own kebabs and satays - you can even
ask for skewers of marinated semi-cooked pieces of meats or veggies to
grill yourself on your table.

The kebab is the hero of this restaurant. You have two options - you
can ask for a pre-plated kebab combo (one kind of kebab with
bread/rice and other accompaniments) or the unlimited meal with
eat-all-you-want servings of kebabs on your table based on a daily
changing menu after which you get up and help yourself from a small
buffet with the mains, biryani/pulao and desserts of the day.
The Kakori Kebab here is soft and delicate, with the melt-in-the-mouth
quality of Awadhi kebab. The Peshawari Chapli Kebab is crisp and light
tava-fried minced mutton patties. If you like seafood, the Malai
Jheenga has plump prawns in a creamy marinade.

Among the vegetarian kebabs, the Paneer Tikka is well-marinated,
gently grilled so that its softness is not lost to the char-grill. The
house specials are Arbi ki Kakori, Chukandar Ke Kebab, Khumb Mutter
Til Tikka, Rajma Ki Galouti and Gulnar Seekh Kebab. They also have
Jain friendly versions of Gobi Razzila, Khumb Mutter Til Tikka and
Arbi ki Kakori. All the kebabs of northern India and the NorthWest
Frontier come with a bread (eg roomali roti), mirchi ka salan, salad,
mini-papads and chutneys. Grilled Corn with Chilli Saffron Butter is a
house special for those who do not eat onions, garlic and potatoes,
and comes with a veg momo and noodles.

While the Indian kebabs are delicious, they also have some innovative
international inspired kebabs from different parts of Asia that are
above average. The Lebanese Chicken Kebab and Moroccan Fish are quite
nice, but they lack for good pita bread and accompaniments like khubz
arabi, fattoush salad, hummus and muhammara dip are also at best
average. The Khorovadz Kufta is their take on the Armenian burger
patty which also comes with hummus and other dips. Vospov Kufta is a
vegetarian version of this Armenian kebab made from dal. Thai Chicken
Skewers are Indonesian style satays with a sweetish soy sauce marinade
served with peanut and coconut dips, which is plated as a combo with
chicken dumpling and noodles that are both rather disappointing and do
not compliment a Thai dish.
The desserts change daily - the jalebis, gulab jamun and seasonal
halwas are all excellent when they have them.

Plus and minus
Go to TBBQ -Terrace Barbecue when you are in the mood for lip-smacking
kebabs in the pleasing ambience of an open terrace. The special
feature of the restaurant is that it offers the flexibility of
ordering a la carte or opting for the eat-till-you-drop menu. Their
Indian kebabs are outstanding but the international ones lack good