Armenian soldier knows value of service for fatherland - defense official

13:01 * 02.01.15

In an interview with, a spokesperson for the Ministry of
Defense commented upon the Armenian military's achievements and losses
of 2014, praising the Armenian soldier's devotion and love.

"We win because we are just, and we will win because our soldier
realizes the value of the service to his fatherland," Vardan Avetisyan

He also praised the collaboration with the media, which he said helped
reveal the Armed Forces' excellent fighting capacity during the
skirmishes along the Armenian-Azerbaijani border in August, as well as
the military command's high trust and the soldiers' heroism for the
protection of every inch of land.

"Our people gave a fair evaluation to the numerous victories, duly
appreciating their valorous soldiers.

"Glory to all the guys who died and to their parents who, in their
gravest grief, intrinsically feel proud for their sons killed for the
fatherland," he said, further extending his New Year greetings to the
Armenian nation, especially the soldiers serving in the frontline and
their commanders.

"What unites us all is the fatherland, no matter where they are. I
wish the Armenian people strength, spirit, solidarity and tolerance to
the benefit of strengthening our fatherland," Avetisyan added.

From: A. Papazian