France: Law of Armenian genocide denial, Ankara's influence

The Nouvelles d'Arménie magazine of January 2015 reveals a collusion
between a member of the French Constitutional Council and a Turkish
personality at the time of the examination of the Boyer Law in 2012 to
criminalize denial of the Armenian genocide. The magazine of the
Armenian community in France title on the cover page: "Constitutional
Council: The dangerous connections of Hubert Haenel." Hubert Haenel,
72, is a former Senator (UMP) appointed to the CC in 2010. He is also
a member of the Bosphorus Institute, a pro-Turkish lobby in France.

While everyone agrees that the Constitutional Council is an impartial
institution, the Nouvelles d'Arménie proves otherwise. In fact a few
days after the positive vote of the French Senate adopted the law
criminalizing the Armenian Genocide protest on 23 January 2012, a
pro-Turkish lobby was formed to apply for arbitration of CC. So, on
February 1st 2012, in a Yahoo discussion group, we discovered an
e-mail correspondence between Hubert Haenel and Yasar Yakis an
anti-Armenian Turkish, former Minister of Foreign affairs .

These exchanges bring into light some collusion between the two men to
obstruct the Boyer law. For example, on first February 2012, Yasar
Yakis written to Haenel (11:12 AM): «Dear and great friend, [...] I
could not help but share my joy with great friends of Turkey. I think
this resort has definitely changed the direction of the tide [...] The
case is now in your good hands." The same day, at 3:41 PM, Hubert
Haenel replied: « Like you, I share this relief. We have 30 days to
decide, the die is cast."

On February 28, 2012 (2:23 PM), Haenel wrote Yakis: «The decision of
the Constitutional Council will be public today at 5:00 PM. You will
be satisfied." And Yasar Yakis answers the same day at 2:58 PM: « As
it's you who say, I do not think I'll be disappointed "

On February 28, 2012, Valerie Boyer's law was repealed.

These conversations are always on the internet for almost 2 years.
They were not denied by the applicants. The question remains on the
legality of the decision of the French Constitutional Council.

Jean Eckian/ Paris

From: Baghdasarian