The CCAF demand the resignation of Hubert Haenel


The CCAF (Coordination Council of Armenian Organizations of France)
take cognizance of the information published in recent days in a
number of press articles on trade which took place in February 2012
between Yasar Yakis, former Turkish Minister of Foreign Affairs and
Hubert Haenel, member of the Constitutional Council. This
correspondence reveals a complicity that borders on collusion between
the high character of the Republic and the representative of a foreign
state about the Boyer law, legislation passed by the National Assembly
and Senate and invalidated by the Constitutional Council. The CFC
denounces pressure on the person of a top French judge by the
President of the Parliamentary Group France-Turkey in Ankara. He is
outraged by the sympathetic ear that lent him Mr. Haenel, who in two
separate messages, on the one hand trying to reassure him about the
fate of this anti-revisionist law and also informs before time of the
Council Decision. An attitude which contravenes the oath of
confidentiality, discretion and impartiality that lend wise before the
President of the Republic, as stipulated in Article 3 of the order of
7 November 1958. The CFC asks the highest authorities State to open an
administrative investigation into the matter and called for the
resignation of Hubert Haenel.

From: Baghdasarian