Number of claims to ECHR from Armenia not high - ex-judge

15:10 * 04.01.15

Fewer people are applying to the European Court of Human Rights
(ECHR), Alvina Gyulumyan, former ECHR judge from Armenia, told

Last year, the ECHR received 150,000 claims from the 47 Council of
Europe member-states.

"The the number of claims from our country s not at all high," Ms
Gyulumyan said.

According to her, Armenian citizens' claims to the ECHR are not the
indicator of distrust of the country's judicial system.

"Two sides always meet at court. If one of them is satisfied, the
other remains dissatisfied. This is the reason."

Armenia's courts are doing their best to improve the level of justice.

"Popular mistrust of courts and their independence is a different
problem, which requires a comprehensive solution," Ms Gyulumyan said.

Recent years have seen much work to reduce corruption risks, raise
judges' salaries and improve court's efficiency.