Tehran Times, Iran
Aug 1 2004

Iran Exchanges 922KW Of Energy With 2 Central Asian States

ARDABIL (IRNA) - Azarbaijan Regional Electrical Company (AREC)
Managing Director Fattah Qarabagh announced that Iran has exchanged
922 kilowatts of electricity with Azerbaijan and Armenia since
January 2004.

On the sidelines of an induction ceremony for the new managing
director of the Ardabil Power Distribution Company, he told IRNA that
of the above-stated amount of energy that was exchanged, 280 million
KWh were transferred to Azerbaijan and Armenia while the remainder
was delivered to Iran by the two Central Asian states.

"Electricity exchanges take place due to the increased rate of energy
consumption in Iran during summer and the high demand for it in
Azerbaijan and Armenia during winter.

"Energy is currently transferred from the following four points in
northwestern Iran to the specified destinations: from Parsabad to
Imsheli in the Azerbaijan Republic, from Ahar to Agarak in Armenia,
from Julfa to Ordubad in the Autonomous Republic of Nakhichevan and
from Aras dam to Nakhichevan," he added.

He noted that a 154-kilovolt power transmission line had become
operational between the Iranian-Turkish border and Dogubayazit in
Turkey but that for the time being it is closed.

"Construction work on a 400-kilovolt transmission line connecting a
power station in the city of Khoy, in West Azarbaijan Province, to
Bashkaleh in Turkey is almost finished and is expected to be fully
operational in the near future.

"Besides, the Iranian Power Development Organization and AREC are
jointly constructing a 330-kilovolt transmission line between
Parsabad (Iran) and Imsheli (Turkey)," he informed.

Qarabagh pointed out that Ardabil Province is suitably located for
the transit of power to Central Asian republics and Russia.

At the close of the ceremony, Qarabagh expressed his appreciation for
the sincere efforts of the outgoing managing director of the Ardabil
Power Distribution Company and his substitute Rashid Shomali, who
were both presented to the participants.