| 18:53:27 | 01-07-2005 | Official |


Today the RA Government Charity programs coordinating Committee held its
usual session which was presided over by the Committee head S. Ter-Simonyan.

The Committee discussed 6 charity programs. In particular, two programs
realized by the pan-Armenian fund `Armenia' have been confirmed -
`Technical, specialist and qualitative control of the construction work of
the Nagorno Karabakh Republic `North-South' highway 11.6-18.5 km part' and
`Construction of the Gyumri covered swimming pool'.

Another program has been confirmed realized by the Armenian branch of the
«Armenian Development Service» charity organization. It intends to
reconstruct the central heating system of the Sevan school N1.

The session has also discussed and confirmed the «Dilijan Camp» program
realized by the «Armenian Aid Union» charity non-governmental organization.
It intends to organize the summer holidays of the children of killed
soldiers and orphans in the Dilijan camp free of charge.
From: Baghdasarian