| 19:27:24 | 01-07-2005 | Social |


The Social Ministry has decided to compromise and has agreed to introduce
changes into the Law `On Social cards' but they are still against the
non-obligatory principle. Today the RA Government Religion and National
Minorities Administration head Hranoush Kharatyan informed us about it.

Khachik Stamboltsyan, Aram Grigoryan and Hranoush Kharatyan met the deputy
Social Minister. After long discussions, according to Mrs. Kharatyan, `the
Social Ministry hinted that they agreed to make compromise and admitted the
necessity to introduce changes, but only part of the participants of the
sit-down strike were pleased with it. The other part was against it as they
admitted only the non-obligatory principle'.

The sit-down strike went on today.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress