Azerbaijan News Service
July 2 2005

2005-07-02 17:42

As the Armenians didn't possess any resolution draft, they said that
one-sided discussion of the issue is not proper.' said Head of Azeri
Delegation to OSCE Parliamentary Assembly Sattar Safarov. Qoran
Lenmarker in his Draft Resolution, called `An Elusive Opportunities,
some Concerns on the Daqliq Qarabaq Conflict', didn't consider the
problem to be frozen. Because, till now, both sides give losses in
the front-line, refugees and IDP suffer from the Conflict. Apart
praising the continuation of peace efforts made within the framework
of OSCE Minsk Group, Council of Europe and other international
organizations, Qoran Lenmarker called the conflict sides and
mediators to be active. At the Draft Resolution it was also told that
as in the Caucasus lots of minorities live, it is dangerous to divide
into minor independent states, and than could not be an alternative
to the Conflict Settlement. All these are details, the Azeri
Delegation to the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly is satisfied by. The
main provisions of the Draft Resolution, presented by the Azeri side
mainly consist of the followings: `A Draft Resolution by the Council
of Europe recognizes Armenia as the aggressor. The Daqliq Qarabaq is
under the occupation of separatist forces. Currently, the occupied
territories of Azerbaijan are out of control. In the Draft Resolution
these provisions are made clear, and the Resolutions made by UN
against the Armenian occupation and maintaining of practical issues
for their realization is recommended.' According to Sattar Safarov,
despite the Draft Resolution of Azerbaijan was not accepted, the
Azeri Delegation is planning to make clear its position at the
Plenary Session, where parliamentarians of 56 countries to take part.
`We want the World Community, including OSCE Parliamentary Assembly
to accept that the Armenia is an aggressor, and economic and
political sanctions against Armenia should be maintained. The main
aspects of our attempts directed to this. We propose the discussion
of OSCE Minsk Group activities towards the settlement of the conflict
at the Parliamentary Assembly' said Sattar Safarov. He added that
Azeri Delegation to OSCE Parliamentary Assembly coincides its
activities on the Upper Qarabakh Conflict with its counterparts in
the Council of Europe. Natavan Babayeva. ANS.