Armenian defence minister denies intending to become president

Mediamax news agency
1 Jul 05


Armenian Defence Minister Serzh Sarkisyan today described rumours
about his intention to become president as a result of "palace
intrigues" as "tawdry attempts to drive in a wedge between me and the

The Armenian defence minister said that "[President] Robert Kocharyan
will perform his duties under the constitution by the end of his
tenure", Mediamax reports.

Commenting on the proposal of the Progressive Youth Party of Armenia
to support Sarkisyan's candidacy in the next presidential elections,
the defence minister said: "If you think this party's statement has
enhanced my authority, then this is your right."

"There are still three years till the next presidential elections, so
it is too early to speak about this. We should not hurry," the
Armenian defence minister said.