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Two publications about the Armenian Genocide were presented to the public
during the cultural hour held at the Catholicosate of Cilicia on June 23.
The two books, one of them a new version of the 1915 publication of "Armenia
Hayatert" and the other a new publication entitled "Genocide and Survival"
were presented as "witnesses" of the first Genocide of the 20th century.

Members of the Cilician Brotherhood, representatives of the sister
denominations, MP Hagop Pakradouni and intellectuals attended the cultural
hour, held under the patronage of His Holiness Aram I and presided by him.

Rev. Anania Koujanian delivered the opening remarks, considering the event
as an opportunity to pay respects to the memory of the Genocide's victims
through culture.

Mr. Jirayr Tanielian presented the first publication, "Armenia Hayatert",
which is the new version of the original book published in Bulgaria in 1915.
The numerous references in the book to the day-to-day events of the Armenian
Genocide made it worthy of republication as an important source shedding
light on the details of this crime against humanity.

Tanielian talked about the revelation of "Armenia" in the personal
collection of prominent editor Garo Kevorkian, its contents and its
signatory writers. He said some of these writers had to use fake names in
their by-lines, because they produced accounts of the Armenian Genocide.

Tanielian highlighted the names of Shavarsh Miskaian, Gosdan Zarian and
Lepsius, "who passed through Sofia on his way from Germany to Istanbul and
wrote a significant part of his two publications relating to the Armenian
Genocide in Armenia's editing house."

"This is a memorial standing in the memory of the innocent victims and
reading it will be an opportunity to talk about some of them," said

In the introduction of the newspaper's newly published version, His Holiness
Aram I writes: "This paper is a rich source about the Armenian Genocide, a
periodical about events, incidents and people related the Genocide. Its
editorials present an accurate account about the first Genocide of the 20th
century, with all its faces, circumstances and consequences."

Mr. Bebo Simonian presented the second publication entitled "Genocide and
survival", which was published by the "Kevork Melidinetsi" literary prize on
the occasion of the Armenian Genocide's 90th anniversary. The book has been
edited by Kevork Kandaharian, Bebo Simonian and Jirayr Tanielian. It
includes writings related to horrors of the pre-genocidal massacres of the
Armenians, works dedicated to the Genocide by martyred authors and
survivors, and reflections by second and third generation Armenians.

Simonian talked about the strength of the book as documented evidence
created by a combination of old and new testimonies. He described the book
as "a publication presenting the Genocide to the new Armenian generations
through poems."

"It is a reflection of the Armenians' pain and dreams. Its pages 'beat' with
the nation's heart. They 'breathe' with belief, suffering and the hopes of
survival," he said. He then talked about the content of the book in general,
mentioning the names of Armenian authors from the old and new generations
who have contributed to it.

His Holiness Aram I delivered the concluding remarks of the cultural event,
commending the people who either financially or morally contributed to the
publication of the two books.

Aram I particularly praised Dr. Zaven Yegavian, the director of the Armenian
department of the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, who made the publication
of "Armenia Hayatert" come true. He also commended the members of the
judicial committee of the "Kevork Melidinetsi" literary award, who oversaw
the preparation of "Genocide and Survival."

His Holiness also remembered Yervant Pamboukian, Fr Norair Ashekian
(Director of the Catholicosate's publishing house), Mrs. Zevart Tanielian
and the late Miss Manoushag Boyadjian, as contributors to the publication of
the two books.

His Holiness talked about the significance of the two publications in
relation to the 90th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide. "The task of
transmitting the Armenian spirit to the new generation is part of our
collective mission. This mission is carried out in all the fields of our
lives, in the church, in schools, through art, poetry and many other means,"
said His Holiness.

"The cultural mission of our Holy See will continue. Culture constitutes a
part of our church's being and spirit, and faith often expresses itself
through culture. We clearly see the relation between faith and culture in
our nation's life," added His Holiness.

Intellectuals attending the event also expressed their views and
compliments, praising the immense efforts put into work for the publication
of the new books.


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The Armenian Catholicosate of Cilicia is one of the two Catholicosates of
the Armenian Orthodox Church. For detailed information about the books
published in the Printing House of the Cilician Catholicosate, you may refer
to the web page of the Catholicosate, The Cilician
Catholicosate, the administrative center of the church is located in
Antelias, Lebanon.