Armenia EXPO 2005

1 July 05

What is the Armenian market like today? What new products and services
are available in our country? The answers to these questions will be
presented at Armenia EXPO 2005, an annual regional trade and industry

Armenian and foreign companies working in the Armenian market
participate in the forum. Logos Expo Center, a leading company in the
sphere of exhibition business in Armenia, is the organizer of the
forum. Logos Expo Center is the organizer of 45 specialized and
international business exhibitions.

The Armenia Expo forum has a history of 5 years. In 2001, 45 companies
participated in it. In 2002, the number grew to 112, in 2003 to 157
and in 2004 to 165. This year about 190 companies are expected to
participate in the expo forum. The territory of the exposition has
expended by 15-20%. Director of Logos Expo Center Suren Nazinian says
the Armenia EXPO 2005 will be held on September 14-17 in Karen
Demirchian Sports and Concerts Complex in Yerevan. The expo will
include 6 specialized international expositions dealing with
Armenian-Russian business cooperation, American and Chinese business
days and a competition titled `High Quality'.

Q: What perspectives does participation in Armenia EXPO 2005 carry for
the participants? A: The international forums organized by Logos Expo
Center in Armenia and abroad offer real perspectives for growth of
foreign investments. In addition to this, they give our local
businessmen a unique opportunity to expand international cooperation
and enter international markets. Armenia EXPO 2005 aims at presenting
Armenia's economic potential, facilitating the search ofnew markets
and partners and attracting foreign investments into the Armenian

Q: What do you think about the development of expo business in
Armenia? A: The expo business in Armenia has already overcome certain
difficulties. Gone are the times when we had to explain to our
business people the differences between a painter's exhibition and the
business expos organizes by Logos Expo Center. Many of them did not
understand what benefits such expos carried for their
businesses. Unfortunately, I have to admit that some of our
participants are still unable to present their businesses correctly to
their potential partners and customers. An expo or a forum is not only
a means of entering new markets and establishing new business
connections but also an opportunity to conduct a marketing analysis
and draw conclusions. Not all of our participants understand this.

Q: What factors ensure the success of Armenia EXPO? How do you see its
future? A: The success of Armenia EXPO depends on three factors - the
organizers, the participants and the customers. The correct
cooperation and understanding between these three parties determined
the efficiency of the expo. The expois a powerful tool that can push
forward the activities of multi-profile organizations. Throughout the
world, it is considered to be a tool for corporate development. Logos
Expo Center aims at involving into its expos companies from all
sectors and presenting them with the highest possible quality thus
expanding the scope of the services provided by our company.