Journal of Turkish Weekly, Turkey
July 4 2005

Armenian lobbyists are not giving it up

source: Hurriyet

The Armenian lobby group in US Congress has presented the House of
Representatives with a blueprint for action which calls on Washington
to push Ankara for the opening of Turkey-Armenia borders. The bill,
prepared by the leading Armenian Democrat deputy Adam Schiff,
suggests that the closing of the borders is a breach on international
standards, which has also had an effect on imported goods to the
country with an increase of 30-35%. The new bill calls on the
Secretary of State to announce US's stance in no more than 30 days.

`It is time to push the lifting of the embargo Turkey has been
implementing on Armenia,' commented Schiff. Yet another
representative of the Armenian lobby, Democrat Party member Frank
Pallone said: `President George W. Bush and Secretary of State
Condoleezza Rice must do what they can to put an end to Turkey's
embargo on Armenia. We can no longer let this happen.'

The Armenian lobby in Congress has already presented the House of
Representatives with another bill which called for the recognition of
the so-called Armenian genocide.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress