| 15:17:58 | 04-07-2005 | Politics |


`Yes or no', a choice the RA citizen faced 10 years ago, no matter
consciously or not. This choice gave birth to the Constitution which is
called semi-presidential in the language of the Constitutional right, but is
in fact and super-presidential in its essence.

It is called semi-presidential as the main mandate had two subjects of power
- the President and the National Assembly. It is super-presidential as one
of them has super authorities. This system of governing is called `De Goll
regime' after Charles De Goll, General of the French army who later became
President. It was under him that the present Constitution of France was

In its classic interpretation it was neither super-presidential, as USD, nor
Parliamentary, as Great Britain. It was the synthesis of Monarchy with the
Republic in French interpretation.

The Constitutional reforms which are worked upon by the authorities of the
RA and the political power do not presuppose the change of the governing
system adopted by the 1995 Constitution.