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July 9, 2005

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Canadian-Armenian Community Leaders Meet the `Toronto Star'
Editorial Board

Toronto- A delegation representing the Canadian-Armenian Community met the
Toronto Star editorial board to discuss issues of concern to the
Canadian-Armenian community. The Armenian Genocide, Canada- Armenia
bilateral relations, Nagorno Karabagh, and the establishment of a Canadian
Embassy in Armenia were among the issues discussed during the June 28th
meeting. Bob Hepburn, editorial page editor, headed the five-member Toronto
Star board. The Canadian-Armenian community delegation included Aris
Babikian, president, Armenian National Federation of Canada (ANFC); Shaen
Mirakian, of the Armenian Community Centre of Toronto (ACC); and Vahan
Ajemian, Armenian National Committee of Toronto (ANCT).

A frank and open exchange of views took place during the one-hour meeting.

`It was an important and constructive meeting,' said Babikian. `We had to
update and sensitize the Toronto Star editorial board with the concerns of
the Canadian-Armenian Community in light of recent developments, especially
after the House of Commons April 23, 2004 resolution recognizing the
Armenian Genocide,' stated Aris Babikian, ANFC president.

At the end of the meeting the Armenian delegation provided the Toronto Star
editorial board with books and documentation on the aforementioned issues.

Since last year's House of Commons resolution, the Armenian National
Committee of Canada and the Armenian National Federation of Canada and their
affiliated chapters in Montreal, Laval, Toronto, Hamilton, Cambridge, St.
Catharines, Kitchener, London, Guelph and Vancouver have regularly contacted
the Canadian media to inform them of the House of Commons resolution and
asked them to clarify their stand on this important moral and ethical issue.

The September 9, 2004 of ANCC and ACC members meeting with the CTV-TV board
had a positive effect on the CTV web resulting in an excellent segment on
the 90th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide.

It was due to the diligent efforts of ANCC members that the Literary Review
of Canada published David Warner's January 2005 brilliant review of Taner
Akcam's book ` From Empire to Republic: Turkish Nationalism and the Armenian
Genocide.' As a follow-up, ANCC facilitated Michael Enright's CBC Radio
`Sunday Morning' interview with Taner Akcam.

On January 14, 2004 ANCC was successful in securing a resolution from the
National Ethnic Press and Media Council of Canada, which represent over 400
newspapers and magazines, to recognize the Armenian Genocide.

The ANCC was the organization which broke the news of the banning of Atom
Egoyan's `Ararat' in Turkey. Immediately afterwards, an explosion of
coverage took place with editorials in The Globe and Mail and the National
Post condemning the Turkish government's action.

In 2002 renowned Canadian journalist and broadcaster Michael Coren hosted a
unique panel discussion between ANCC representatives and Turkish community
representatives to debate the genocide denial policy of the Turkish
government. The one-hour program on CTS-TV was an overwhelming success for
the ANCC representatives. Latter that year Mr. Coren invited ANCC
representatives to talk about the Armenian Genocide on his hour-long CFRB
radio program.

More recently, the ANCC disseminated to the Canadian media behind the scenes
details of the cancellation of a conference devoted to the Armenian
Genocide - organized by three Istanbul universities - due to pressure from the
Turkish government and extremist groups.

The ANCC helped introduce to the Canadian media writings of progressive
Turkish scholars and journalists to who, in the past years, have condemned
their government's denialist policies and have called Turkish leaders to
recognize the historical reality of the Armenian Genocide.

In additional and due to the persistence, hard work and behind the scenes
efforts of ANCC and its members, The Globe and Mail and the National Post
now refer to the Armenian Genocide without ambiguity and without quotes or
the prefix `alleged' in their editorials and stories. ANCC members continue
to be in touch with various Canadian media reporters, columnists, editors,
board members, publishers and presidents.

` We firmly believe that the media has an important role to educate and
bring the truth of the Armenian cause to the Canadian public. With that in
mind, the ANCC has, over the years, established an excellent relationship
with Canadian media, based on mutual trust and respect,' stated ANCC
President Dr. Girair Basmadjian. `As in the past, we intend to continue our
communication with the Canadian media in an open, objective and positive
manners,' said Dr. Basmadjian.