Research and Markets: Understanding Broadband and Internet Markets
within the Central Asian Countries

Business Wire; Jul 15, 2005

Research and Markets
( has announced the
addition of 2005 Central Asian Broadband and Internet Markets to
their offering

This annual report offers a wealth of information on the Broadband
and Internet markets in 7 countries in the Central Asia sub-region
Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Taijikistan,
Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan.

Subjects covered include:

- Broadband Infrastructure, Analyses and Developments.

- The broadbanding of Central Asia (policies, models, concept).

- CBD, Inter-City, Regional and International Networks.

- Internet Market, VPNs and VoIP.

- Web Sites, Web hosting.

- Research, Marketing, Benchmarking.

- Vision for a National Policy, Government Policies, BAG.

- Network Operators, Wholesalers and Retailers, Utilities Projects.

- xDSL, HFC, MDS, Satellite, Cable Modems, Cable Telephony.

- Wireless Broadband.

Here is an example of the situation of one of the seven countries

Armenia's telecommunications sector is small but growing. With almost
600,000 fixed-line subscribers for a population of about 4 million
people, the level of investment in infrastructure and new services
has begun to increase. There are, however, major structural issues to
be addressed in the sector. ArmenTel, the country's national telecom
provider, has exclusive rights to the provision of all
telecommunications services, including public switched telephony
services and mobile telephony, in Armenia until 2013. Greek company
OTE has a 90% equity stake in ArmenTel.

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