PanArmenian News Network
July 20 2005

20.07.2005 04:38

/PanARMENIAN.Net/ CSTO Secretary General Nikolay Bordyuzha said he
does not see any ground for statements that "Armenia is reviewing
its participation in the CSTO." On the contrary, Armenia is one of
the active members of our organization. It is true that the country
cooperates with the U.S. and NATO. However the cooperation within the
CSTO is the basis of Armenia's security. Both Defense Minister Serge
Sargsian and President Robert Kocharian said it for many times", N.
Bordyuzha said. At the same time Rossiyskie Vesti newspaper commented
on the Armenia-NATO and Armenia-CSTO relations in an article titled
"They make zombie of Armenia". The newspaper cites the statement by
NATO Special Representative for South Caucasus Robert Simmons, who said
that Armenia can count on NATO's support if expresses desire to free
itself from the Russian bases on its territory. "West has been for
a long time exerting efforts to gain over Armenia. For this purpose
some military-political changes in the region are used. The fact
is that official Yerevan views Turkey as a threat and respectively
anchors hopes with Moscow and the Russian troops. However presently
Turkey is aspired for the EU and consequently wished to appear in
the best possible light. In the opinion of some Armenian analysts,
the Armenian leadership does not consider Ankara to be an enemy and
does not view Russia as the only possible ally", the newspaper writes,
Mediamax agency reports.