Turkish Press
July 25 2005

I.P. Leader Perincek Detained In Switzerland

WINTERTHUR - Labor Party (IP) leader Dogu Perincek was detained on
Saturday in Wintherthur city of Switzerland, where he attended a
panel discussion held to mark the 82nd anniversary of the Lausanne

Speaking to Turkish reporters, Wintherthur police spokesman Werner
Benz said that Perincek was detained and interrogated for saying,
''Armenian genocide is an international lie.''

Perincek was released after being interrogated for more than three

After he was freed, Perincek told Turkish reporters that he insisted
on his views that ''Armenian genocide is a lie'' during his

According to sources, Perincek's interrogation was concluded in 15
minutes, but it lasted for more than three hours because Perincek
wanted Swiss authorities to include his statements about ''1915
incidents and the so-called Armenian genocide allegations of some
foreign powers'' in his text of testimony.

Perincek added, ''I was detained for a press conference I held in
Zurich'' and noted that he told prosecutor Jaeger during the
interrogation that parliaments could not make decisions on historical
incidents. I also said that an impartial country like Switzerland,
which has not joined any conspiracies against Turkey, cannot pass
such a law because it is against its own Constitution. And, these
words were included in the text of my testimony.''