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July 23 2005


23.07.2005 06:41

/PanARMENIAN.Net/ APG Enterprise Canadian company does not establish
a branch in Armenia due to the high price for Internet, Executive
Director Andranik Grigorian told «.am» PanARMENIAN.Net reporter. As
result the staff of the new company will be sent to other branches.
He noted that the process of establishing a branch in Armenia was a
complicated one, since it was rather hard to convince Canadians to
set up business in the republic. After meeting with the Armenian IT
specialists APG Enterprise representative gave consent to launch
business in Armenia. However after carrying out a great deal of work
such as high rent and employing of high-paid specialists the company
representatives came across another problem - the price for internet
20 times exceeded that in Canada. `For securing normal functioning we
needed a channel with 1.5 Mg speed, however, over the exorbitant
prices we had to obtain a 1/3 lower one. As result, the company
representatives say they will have either to send the staff of 100
specialists to Cyprus, where the organization has recently founded a
representation, or to increase the number of employees in Vancouver.
Andranik Grigorian considers it to be the fault of the Armenian
government, which speaking of the priority of the sphere `impedes its