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July 30 3005


30.07.2005 04:38

/PanARMENIAN.Net/ July 29, 2005 4eports were received by the Khostin
region section of domestic affairs from residents of Verkhny Yurt
village populated by Armenians that a large number of graves is
demolished in the cemetery 5 km away from the settlement, reported
the Yerkramas newspaper of Armenians of south of Russia. In the
course of examination of the cemetery 29 demolished graves were
discovered most of them being Armenians'. The word `Schizophrenia' is
written on the headstones of each of the destroyed graves. The graves
were supposedly demolished with a sledgehammer or some other heavy
object. The investigators at present consider a few versions: a
person with mental disorder committing the crime or destruction of
the graves in revenge, as well as other versions. The persons, who
had committed the crime, are searched for. The Khostin region section
of domestic affairs has instituted proceedings on criminal case on
article 244 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation: outrage
upon corpses and their burial places. Residents of Verkhny Yurt
village are seriously concerned over the incident. July 30 evening
the residents will gather to discuss the vandalism act, which in
their opinion has an explicit national underlying cause.